I have been a drummer/percussionist for the past 15 years. I play all styles: Jazz, Swing, Big Band, Rock, Metal, Latin, Fusion, Reggae, Samba, etc. I was also co-captain of my high-school drumline, and still try to keep up my chops on marching snare.

In 5th grade, I became interested in technology and computers. My friends and I would tear down computers, and rebuild them, ground-up. Together, we all learned basic HTML code. To teach myself, I would troubleshoot my own webpages. When bored, I code. I also play around in Photoshop and consider myself an amateur graphic designer. I've designed logos, posters and flyers for organizations.

A few years ago, I became interested in questions of how people initiate social change. Those questions led me to research in social movements and political sociology. I've done several projects that address the questions of participation in, and organizational structures of, movements.